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You don't have to be "rich", you have to be independent!

Andre Kostolany

In 2016 I came to Bitcoin like a virgin.

And that really grabbed me! Bitcoin and blockchain technology promised freedom, money and the future. I knew immediately that THIS was my future. I threw myself into learning how Bitcoin, blockchain and everything works with it. I just absorbed everything. Shortly afterwards I began to pass on my knowledge to my partners and train them. 

This was one of the beginnings of working as a coach. This was about wealth.

And I felt this inner pull that I was exactly on the right path. I was on fire. Because whenever you are enthusiastic about something, it really has something to do with you. This spirit of freedom, money, technology and the future burned inside me...

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I admire and am grateful for Anet's presence. I highly value her professionalism, her immense knowledge, her mindset and her good feeling for the financial market.

She has a clear message and knows exactly how to convey it.

Heike Prinz


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It's wonderful to talk to Anet. You can truly feel their incredible knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Their peace and relaxation give you a feeling of being truly cared for.

Vanessa Grübel

Website specialist

Anet is one of the few true experts in the crypto space. My clients now have all cryptocurrencies in their portfolio and trust Anet's in-depth expertise.

Uwe Hammerschmidt

Expert in capital investments

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